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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, no.16, 2012

Papers in Semantics

edited by Denis Paperno

Articles are available as PDF (without hyperlinks) and optionally as PDF+ (with hyperlinks).

Table of Contents

Denis Paperno Note from the Editor PDF PDF+
Heather Burnett The Puzzle(s) of Absolute Adjectives. On Vagueness, Comparison, and the Origin of Scale Structure PDF PDF+
Ashley Feinsinger The Semantic Lexicon and Analyticity PDF PDF+
Ivan Kapitonov Dynamic Pragmatics of too PDF PDF+
Edward L. Keenan In situ Interpretation without Type Mismatches PDF PDF+
Denis Paperno Comitative Coordination in Q'anjob'al PDF PDF+
Jessica Rett On Modal Subjectivity PDF PDF+
Jacopo Torregrossa Towards a Taxonomy of Focus Types. The Case of Information Foci and Contrastive Foci in Italian PDF PDF+

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