Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics Poster Session

Publication date: 2008.
Poster session held at UCLA on 16-18 May, 2008.
Poster Proceedings edited by Kevin Ryan.

All links are in PDF format. Or, download all the papers (PDFs) in a single zip file (3.5 MB).
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Flavia Adani
Re-Thinking the Acquisition of Relatives: A New Comprehension Study with Italian Children
1-9 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Artemis Alexiadou & Florian Schäfer
Instrumental -er Nominals Revisited
10-19 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Maria Giavazzi
On the Application of Velar Palatalization in Italian
20-29 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Yuki Hirose & Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Asymmetry between Encoding and Decoding of Wh-Scope in Japanese
30-40 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Christina Kim, Christine Gunlogson, Michael Tanenhaus & Jeffrey Runner
Information Integration and Domain Restriction: Interpreting Only in Context
41-50 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Vera Lee-Schoenfeld & Jason Kandybowicz
Third Tone Patterns in Mandarin Chinese: A New Perspective
51-60 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Chizuru Nakao
On Focus of Negation
61-70 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Koji Sugisaki
Swiping in Child English
71-77 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Shigeki Taguchi
Head Movement in Overt Syntax: Its Interaction with Object Shift and PF Requirements
78-86 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

Paul M. Willis
The Role of Topic-Hood in Multiple-Wh Question Semantics
87-95 (abstract pdf or complete pdf)

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