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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, no.17, 2012

Theories of Everything. In Honor of Ed Keenan

edited by Thomas Graf, Denis Paperno, Anna Szabolcsi, and Jos Tellings

Table of Contents

Front-Matter PDF
Aldo Antonelli & Robert May A note on order PDF
Chris Barker The same people ordered the same dishes PDF
Dorit Ben-Shalom & J.-R. Hayashishita Why Eilam (2011) and Brasoveanu (2010) can and should be combined PDF
Johan van Benthem Dynamic logic in natural language PDF
Daniel Büring Reciprocal reflexives PDF
Heather Burnett & Mireille Tremblay An extra-strong NPI? Pantoute in Québec French PDF
Henry Y. Chang Nominal tense in Tsou: Nia and its syntax/semantics PDF
Isabelle Charnavel & Dominique Sportiche En deça de la frontière de Frege? PDF
Bernard Comrie So how long have each other known us anyway? PDF
Robin Cooper Intensional quantifiers PDF
Matthew S. Dryer On the position of interrogative phrases and the order of complementizer and clause PDF
Nissim Francez Proof-theoretic type interpretation: a glimpse of proof-theoretic semantics PDF
Thomas Graf An algebraic perspective on the Person Case Constraint PDF
Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach Have: an essentialist semantics PDF
Peter Hallman Prospects for a syntactic analysis of conservativity PDF
Martin Haspelmath How to compare major word-classes across the world's languages PDF
Laura Kalin Two last resort phenomena in Senaya (Neo-Aramaic) PDF
Roni Katzir & Raj Singh Two restrictions on possible connectives PDF
Hilda Koopman Notes on Malagasy causatives PDF
Marcus Kracht Joint knowledge PDF
William A. Ladusaw & Sandra Chung Compositional asymmetry and the Functional Principle. A theme from Keenan PDF
Shalom Lappin An operational approach to fine-grained intensionality PDF
Bert Le Bruyn, Henriëtte de Swart & Joost Zwarts Quantificational prepositions PDF
Hyunoo Lee On a special type of antecedentless relative clause in English PDF
Chungmin Lee & Jeong-Shik Lee Gap in "gapless" relative clauses in Korean and other Asian languages PDF
Feng-hsi Liu The count-mass distinction of abstract nouns in Mandarin Chinese PDF
Lisa Matthewson, Heidi Quinn & Lynsey Talagi Notes on the Niuean perfect PDF
Igor Mel'čuk On a quirky Russian idiom PDF
Adèle Mercier The structural and the semantic. Subject-object and referential-predicative asymmetries PDF
Michael Moortgat Categories, types, symmetries PDF
Larry Moss Inference in a Boolean fragment PDF
Pamela Munro Interrogative verbs in Takic PDF
Seungho Nam Notes on class operators: And the like, or the like, etc. PDF
Dimitrios Ntelitheos Malagasy phrasal compounds. A syntactic account PDF
Richard T. Oehrle Duality PDF
Yuko Otsuka Passive morphemes in a passive-less language? PDF
Denis Paperno A note on invariance of grammatical categories PDF
Barbara H. Partee Appreciating functions: Ed Keenan in the early history of formal semantics PDF
Matt Pearson Aspect and voice selection in Malagasy. Initial observations PDF
Maria Polinsky Headedness, again PDF
Eric Potsdam Which questions in Malagasy PDF
Craig Sailor & Anoop Mahajan Toward a derivational typology PDF
Philippe Schlenker Generalized quantification and anaphora across ontological domains: evidence from ASL PDF
Russell G. Schuh & Alhaji Maina Gimba Quantification of expression of duration in Bole and other Chadic languages PDF
Edward P. Stabler Learnability and the autonomy of syntactic categories PDF
Anna Szabolcsi Quantifiers in object position and transitive verb ellipsis: anaphora vs. binding PDF
Mark de Vries The mysterious specific indefinite PDF
Dag Westerståhl Midpoints PDF
Richard Zuber Reflexives and non-Fregean quantifiers PDF

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