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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, no.13

Papers in Psycholinguistics 2

edited by Reiko Okabe and Kuniko Nielsen

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Table of Contents

Harold Torrence and Nina Hyams Finiteness and Temporal Interpretation in Early Grammar: The Role of Lexical Aspect 1–13
Dimitris Ntelitheos and Eleni Christodoulou The Acquisition of Nominal Ellipsis in Greek 14–33
Jill Gilkerson Categorical Perception of Natural and Unnatural Categories: Evidence for Innate Category Boundaries 34–58
Reiko Okabe and Kanae Okubo The Acquisition of Benefactives and Passives 59–75
Kuniko Nielsen Investigation of SLI Children's Semantic Knowledge through Intonation Patterns 76–86
Jeannette Schaeffer Pragmatic and Grammatical Properties of Subjects in Children with Specific Language Impairment 87–134
Tomoko Ishizuka Processing Relative Clauses in Japanese 135–157
Carson T. Schutze Subject Gaps, A-bar Traces, and Parallel Parsing 158–179

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