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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, no. 12

Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Conference
of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA)

edited by Jeffrey Heinz & Dimitris Ntelitheos

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Table of Contents

Alya Asarina & Anna Holt Syntax and Semantics of Tagalog Modals 1-17
Douglas Ball Phrasal Noun Incorporation in Tongan 19-33
Cheng-Fu Chen Object Voice and Nominalization in Rukai35-47
Nathan Culwell-Kanarek Pre-verbal Pronouns in Tagalog Syntax49-56
William D. Davies & Craig A. Dresser The Structure of Javanese and Madurese Determiner Phrases57-72
Mark Donohue Structure is not Syntax: Passive Functions in Tukang Besi73-89
Jeffrey Heinz Optional Partial Metathesis in Kwara'ae91-102
Randal Hendrick Resumptive and Bound Variable Pronouns in Tongan103-115
Aaron F. Kaplan Long-Distance Wh-Movement in Chamorro117-130
Benjamin Keil An Associative Semantics for Basic Sentences in Malagasy131-140
Hilda Koopman Malagasy Imperatives141-160
Tomoko Kozasa Phonetic Implementations of Pohnpeian Long Vowels161-175
Paul Kroeger & Jim JohanssonObject Alternations in Kimaragang 177-193
Paul Law Questions and Clefts in Malagasy195-209
Paul Law & Hans-Martin Gärtner Postverbal Wh-Phrases in Malagasy, Tagalog and Tsou211-226
Amy P. Lee Rightward Reduplication in Formosan Languages Revisited227-239
Celeste Lee & Loren Billings Wackernagel and Verb-Adjacent Clisis in Central Philippines241-254
Ying Lin Two Perspectives on Malagasy Reduplication: Derivational and OT Analyses255-271
Catherine Macdonald Tongan -'i: Increasing Transitivity in Valency and Aspect273-286
Andrew Martin Loanwords as Pseudo-Compounds in Malagasy287-295
David Meyer Deriving a Description of the Early 19th Century Tahitian Diphthong Through an Analysis of Contemporary Poetic Texts297-311
Dimitris Ntelitheos Malagasy Participant Nominalizations: A Structural Account 313-327
Dimitris Ntelitheos Root Infinitives in Malagasy329-342
Yuko Otsuka Syntax and/or Pragmatics: PP-Scrambling in Tongan and the Thematic Hierarchy343-357
Ileana Paul Or, Wh- and Not: Free Choice and Polarity in Malagasy359-367
Matt Pearson Tense (Mis)Matches Between Verbs and Obliques in Malagasy369-382
Norvin Richards Person-Case Effect in Tagalog and the Nature of Long-Distance Exraction383-394
Lisa Demena Travis Passives, States, and Roots and Malagasy395-409
Marit Vamarasi On the Notion of Cliticization in Rotuman411-419
Heather Willson Marshallese Yes/No Questions and Remnant Movement421-435

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