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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, no. 10

Syntax at Sunset 3: Head Movement and Syntactic Theory

edited by Anoop Mahajan

Table of Contents

Artemis Alexiadou Adjective Syntax and (the Absense of Noun Raising in the DP) 1-39
Gisbert Fanselow Münchhausen-Style Head Movement and the Analysis of Verb-Second 40-76
Hilda Koopman Inside the "Noun" in Maasai 77-115
Gereon Müller Verb-Second as vP-First 116-160
Jairo Nunes Head Movement, Remnant Movement, and Phonetic Realization of Chains 161-177
Edward Stabler Comparing 3 Perspectives on Head Movement 178-198
Ralf Vogel Dialectal Variation in German 3-Verb Clusters: Looking for the Best Analysis 199-

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