UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics (WPP) offers a preliminary report on work in progress in the UCLA Phonetics Lab. Through #102 in December 2002, it appeared as a print publication at irregular intervals at a frequency of one to three issues per year. Since Fall 2004, new issues of WPP have appeared in electronic form only. There will be no more print issues, and print copies are no longer availableThe electronic-only issues are numbered continuing where the print issues stopped, so that the first electronic issue was #103 in 2004. The most recent issue is #111 from December 2012.  Since Fall 2007, our entire back catalog, dating from 1964, has been scanned and made available online along with the newer online-only issues.

Access UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics through the University of California eScholarship Repository

Note that dissertations by students in the Phonetics Lab have not been distributed as WPP since 1995.  Virtually all dissertations since the mid-eighties can be downloaded from the Linguistics Department or the Phonetics Lab. The Linguistics Department continues to work on making more of the back catalog of dissertations available online.

UCLA WPP NO. 102 (December 2002), "Dissection of the Speech Production Mechanism" was originally a print issue, but was also posted online by Peter Ladefoged, and is still available for download here (as well as via the online WPP site).

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