UCLA Phonetics Lab Software

The UCLA Phonetics Lab no longer distributes any software by mail or otherwise.  The following are available free for downloading:

UCLA Phonetics Lab Data (formerly Sounds of the World’s languages):  Material illustrating the sounds of over 100 languages that have been investigated at UCLA, with an index of sounds by their phonetic characteristics, and an index of languages. Essentially the same as the CD included with the 5th edition of Peter Ladefoged's A Course in Phonetics, so now an archival, FREE, record of Ladefoged's teaching materials for intro phonetics.

UPSID-PC. The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database. Data on the phonological systems of 451 languages, with programs to access it, by Ian Maddieson and Kristin Precoda. This is an elderly DOS program (and thus Windows only), neither of whose developers are still at UCLA, and no support is offered. Available to download as a single zip file (and install and run on your own computer).  A web interface by Henning Reetz that provides several ways to view and search the information in UPSID, and which does not require you to have UPSID on your own computer,  is here. (Other versions/resources may or may not be available elsewhere, e.g. Prolog interface.)

EggWorks: A free program by Henry Tehrani, created for the NSF Voice project to analyze EGG signals (closing quotients, peak increase in contact, skew) in batch mode; also includes utilities for splitting .pmf files into separate .wav files, for inverting .wav files, and for converting .wav files from 32- to 16-bit.  NOTE: EggWorks cannot handle files of unlimited length; we recommend keeping files to under 5 minutes. EggWorks output can be included with VoiceSauce output. As of April 1, 2022, EggWorks is not available for public use; we hope this situation will be temporary

Note also:

UCLA Phonetics Lab Language Archive:  This Phonetics Lab site, for the NSF-funded archiving project begun by Peter Ladefoged and later completed by Russ Schuh, makes available archival sound files from many languages, but not arranged as teaching materials. 

PCQuirerX: Download any of Scicon's programs; they will run without a license as a free "lite" version, e.g.  for recording and waveform editing, but not analysis.

scripts for perception experiments in Matlab

Praat scripts

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