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How can I become a member of the UCLA Phonetics Lab?

Current Members (2020)


Jake Aziz
Matt Faytak

Bruce Hayes 

Jinyoung Jo

Sun-Ah Jun

Hiro Katsuda

Patricia Keating

 Jennifer Kuo

Connor Mayer

Christine Prechtel

Brice Roberts

Adam Royer

Jeremy Steffman

Beth Sturman

Megha Sundara
Henry Tehrani  
 Z. L. Zhou

 Kie Zuraw

Alumni (list and links always in progress!)

Note: Here is how these links work:  A link from the name is to a current individual webpage if there is one, otherwise to a page from UCLA days [but be aware this would not be kept updated].  A link from text after the name is to a department or company, rather than to an individual page.  If both name and following text are blue, then there is one of each kind.

Jacob Adams

Suzy Ahn

Adam Albright

Ann Aly
Victoria Anderson
Steve Anderson
Alice Anderton (deceased 2016) 
Norma Antonanzas (at the UCLA Bureau of Glottal Affairs)
Tim Arbisi-Kelm 
Vernon Austel (at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center) 
Heriberto Avelino 
Mary Baltazani
Marco Baroni 
Roy Becker
Roger Billerey-Mosier

Jason Bishop
Barbara Blankenship  (UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies)

Dustin Bowers
Cathe Browman (deceased 2008)
Nadia Brunetti 

Roslyn Burns

Dani Byrd
Andrew Bye 
Lorena Cayré Baito
Marjorie Chan
Taehong Cho
John Choi (deceased 1998)

Adam Chong
Abby Cohn
Court Crowther (Asst. Dean, UCI Graduate Division)

Robert Daland

Sarah Dart
Deborah Davison
Sandy Disner
Bill Dolan
Beatriz Amos Dukes
Ken de Jong
Karen Emmorey
Melissa Epstein (IRB Director, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Christina Esposito 
Heidi Fleischhacker 
Edward Flemming
James Forrest Fordyce (Glendale Community College, English as a Second Language)
Christina Foreman (Speech Pathologist in Hartford, CT)
Vicki Fromkin  (deceased 2000)
Cecile Fougeron
Sean Fulop
Jack Gandour 
Marc Garellek

Eleanor Glewwe
Manuel Godinez, Jr. 
Louis Goldstein 
Matt Gordon
Steve Greenberg
Narineh Hacopian
Rob Hagiwara 
Kristi Hendrickson
Caroline Henton
Susan Hess (deceased)
Jean-Marie Hombert
Damir Horga
Chai-Shune Hsu (formerly at Nuance)
Marie Huffman
Sue Banner Inouye (Kapi'olani Community College)
Michel T.-T. Jackson
L. Carl Jacobsen (formerly Leon C. Jacobsen)

Rachel Jacobson

Hector Javkin 
Amanda Jones 
Keith Johnson
Allard Jongman
Sameer Khan 

Yun Jung Kim

Sahyang Kim 

Robert Kirchner
Chin-Woo Kim
Paul Kirk (Emeritus, CSUN)
Jody Kreiman
Jianjing Kuang 
Grace Kuo 
Jenny Ladefoged
Peter Ladefoged (deceased January 2006)

Jose Maria Lahoz 

Eun Hwa Lee
Hyuck-Joon Lee
Tatiana Libman

Isabelle Lin
Ying Lin
Mona Lindau
Wendy Linker 
Xiao Liu
Ingvar Lofstedt  
Ian Maddieson
Peggy MacEachern
Andy Martin (Konan University, Kobe, Japan)
Joyce McDonough
Benjamin Munson
Laura (Dolly) Meyers 
Jonas Nartey (or Akpanglo-Nartey
Kuniko Yasu Nielsen 
Mira Oh
John Ohala
Ho-hsien Pan
George Papcun
Kristin Precoda (at SRI's Speech Technology and Research Laboratory)
Ren Hong-mo
Lloyd Rice (patent review editor for JASA)

J'aime Roemer

Megan Risdal

Bonny Sands
Rebecca Brown Scarborough
Amy Schafer
Mary Lee Scott
Adrienne Scutellaro
Joan Sereno 
Michael Shalev
Molly Shilman

Caroline Sigouin

Dan Silverman
Caroline Smith
Tim Smith
Aaron Shryock
Donca Steriade
Sumiko Takayanagi  (UCLA School of Nursing)
Cheng Cheng Saw Tan

Yu Tanaka

Katie Schack Tang
Dale R. Terbeek
Victoria Thatte
Kimberly Thomas (or Thomas-Vilakati) (San Bernardino City Unified School District)
Siri Tuttle
Yuichi Todaka (Miyazaki Municipal University)
Motoko Ueyama 
Martina Urbani
Diana Van Lancker Sidtis
Ralph Vanderslice (deceased 2008)
Lauren Varner
Chad Vicenik 
Caiyu Wang

Nancy Ward

Harry Whitaker
James White
Colin Wilson
Anne Wingate
Andreas Wittenstein 
Richard Wright

Meng Yang

Kristine Yu
Eric Zee
Jie Zhang
 Jesse Zymet

Local Colleagues

The Phonetics Lab enjoys research connections with other local groups and scientists: Abeer Alwan's Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory in the EE Department, Jody Kreiman, Bruce Gerratt, Dave Berry, and Zhaoyan Zhang in the Medical School's Dept. of Head and Neck Surgery's Bureau of Glottal Affairs, and at USC, Dani ByrdLouis Goldstein, Sandy Disner, and Khalil Iskarous in the Linguistics Department Phonetics Lab, and Shri Narayanan in the Electrical Engineering Department.

How can I become a member of the UCLA Phonetics Lab?

GRAD STUDENTS: Most students in the lab are in the graduate program in Linguistics.   Click here for information about graduate admissions.  The department can sponsor students on official exchange programs, "Non-degree objective" students, and informal visiting students. See the department's page about visiting/exchange students.

POSTDOCS:   There are no paid research positions for Ph.D.s in the phonetics lab.  The NIH training program which we used to have, is no more.  Postdocs with their own fellowships interested in being sponsored by someone here are most welcome to contact that person directly.

VISTING SCHOLARS: Ph.D.s from other universities interested in courtesy appointments should first request sponsorship by an individual faculty member in the lab.  The official appointment (Visiting Scholar, or something less formal), including visa, will then be arranged by department staff.  However, such visiting appointments are not always possible, depending on the availability and current interests of the faculty.  See the department's page about Visiting Scholars for more information.

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