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In the Phonetics Lab, we use Excel and R; SPSS is available in the CLICC and for online use through the Library's "Software Web".  On this page are collected some class handouts, and some tutorials first presented in the lab's "Practical Data Analysis" series.  

Some very old pages on doing ANOVAs in SPSS:

ANOVA: Doing the basics 

ANOVA: Repeated measures


ANOVA: Power and effect size

And about analyzing data from speech perception experiments:  
Analyzing identification data
Analyzing discrimination data (and comparing identification and discrimination)
Analyzing discrimination and identification data with D-prime (signal detection)
Analyzing ratings data

Excel (Microsoft): should be on every general-purpose computer in the lab.  You may be surprised at how much you can do just with Excel.  (The info below may refer to older versions of Excel.)


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