Video capture from VHS tapes is set up on Pebbles in the General Lab, using the Pinnacle Systems video capture box, Adobe Premiere, and the VCR/monitor that should be there.   All the necessary cable connections should already be in place, and instructions for using the program are attached to the stand with the VCR/monitor.  If you are capturing several clips, keep in mind that disk space is somewhat limited, so you may need to copy off clips as you make them to free up room to continue (e.g. to 1 or more CDs).

A caveat: some of the old speech production videos in the storage cabinet next to the VCR may be so dirty that they will cause tracking problems with the VCR.  In that case you'll need to clean the heads - a cleaning tape is also in the cabinet.

Digital capture: The Pinnacle box is also capable of capturing from the digital video camera, or from DVDs.  (The lab doesn't have a standalone DVD player, but the computer itself can play DVDs.)  However, no one has figured out how to do this - volunteers welcome!