Palatography: Static and Dynamic

The Phonetics Lab has supplies for static palatography, and an old Kay Palatometer Model 6300 for Electropalatography that is no longer used (requires DOS).  This site has extensive information about both techniques.

Carstens AG100 Electromagnetic Articulograph

The lab owns a Carstens AG500 system for electromagnetic articulography (EMA).  This site has extensive information about using an older model, the AG100.

Aerodynamic data acquisition ( Pressure/Flow )

The lab has facilities for acquiring aerodynamic data with PCquirerX software and X16 hardware by Scicon Research & Development.  We also have Rothenberg masks (split and all-together) and a collection of weather-stripping for fitting them to a talker's face, but they have not been used with the Acquirer hardware.  


The lab owns the Glottal Enterprises electroglottograph, used with the same setup as for aerodynamic data acquisition (can be used simultaneously); or can be used with a laptop and a stereo sound card. This site has information about using it, and our data analysis program.

Modeling Software

Aerodynamic Modeling:
A very rough version of the old Westbury & Keating aerodynamic model (VTM) can be had from Pat.  We also have the Sensimetrics HLSyn program; but HLSyn does not allow the study of subglottal pressure. 

Physiology resources

The lab's holdings of physiological recordings are described here.
Digitized Xray films from our collection are available here.

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