UCLA, Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Lab.
XVocal: Linux version of Maeda's model
 From MRI and Acoustic Data to Articulatory Synthesis

Stanford tutorial on KL model: Kelly-Lochbaum Vocal Tract Model and an extension

Sensimetrics Corporation, U.S.  HLSyn

Loria: speech research group in France  Acoustic to articulatory mapping

Frank Guenther's Page  Speech Acquisition and Production

Institut de la Communication Parlée (Institute of Speech Communication), France  ARTICULATORY MODELLING

Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST), Japan    Task Planning Mechanism of Speech Motor Control

CAIP Center, Rutgers University, U.S. Speech Synthesis from Fluid Dynamic Principles


Institut de la Communication Parlée (Institute of Speech Communication), France
The ICP Virtual Talking Head,
MOTHER: MOrphable Talking Head for Enhanced Reality

Haskins Lab.
Talking Heads
Articulatory Phonology and the Gestural Computational Model

KTH, Sweden. Multimodal speech synthesis

Face and Lips:

UCSC  Links to Facial animation

Lionel Reveret's Page
Animated Speakers : Video-driven facial animation
Lips and face


KTH, Sweden.  3D tongue model

Reiner F. Wilhelms-Tricarico's Pages:
Tongue modeling
An overview of tongue models


NCVS tutorial Models of Vocal Fold Oscillation