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UCLA Phonetics Lab


The lab has three ways to run perception experiments with adult subjects.  

 First, Matlab with the Psychtoolbox and optionally with a Scicon button box can be used in the Phonetics Lab's sound booth, in the Psycholinguistics Lab's soundbooth, or (on one of the lab's laptops) anywhere else.  Matlab must be installed on a computer to run (as well as to program) an experiment. Important update in 2013: There is a new version of PsychToolbox which is not compatible with most of our existing scripts. Gradually, all the computers in the lab are being updated with the new version of PsychToolbox. Existing scripts need to be updated before they can be used with the new version. 
Phonetics Lab descriptions of Matlab scripts for perception experiments.  Note that Henry will provide new scripts, or update old ones, as needed for anyone in the Department.

 Second, the Eprime Player is available throughout the lab for running experiments. To program an experiment in Eprime, you need to get the key for the program from the Language Lab manager, and use it to access a copy of Eprime on one of the lab's computers.

If a laptop is used to run an experiment, we recommend also using an external D/A device (in the hallway cabinet, or in the laptop case) for presenting audio stimuli; and outside a soundbooth, we recommend using Sennheiser or other sound-attenuating headphones. (See Henry for those.)

new  Third, the lab has an SR Research Eyelink 1000 eyetracker, housed in the Psycholinguistics Lab and available to the entire department. Henry will provide new scripts, or update old ones, as needed for anyone in the Department.

Online sign-ups for testing facilities: click to go to sign-up calendars:
Phonetics Lab booth in 2101N
Psycho Lab booth in 2226
Testing room in Psycho Lab, 2210AA
Eyetracking room in 2226E

CELEX database for computing lexical statistics (before selecting stimulus words for experiment) - on the T: drive in the lab

Help with statistical analyses of perception data is on our lab statistics page.

Infant perception experiments are carried out in the Language Lab.

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