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  • UCLA Phonetics Lab Data (formerly Sounds of the World's Languages, organized for teaching) 
  • UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive (raw data files not structured for teaching)  (NOTE: These files have been digitized at very high sampling rates. It is often useful to downsample before acoustic analysis. See Henry for a Matlab routine to do this; or check out Praat scripts to do this.)
  • Roy Becker's vowel corpus (an .xlsx file, see his 2010 dissertation for a description of the database)
  • Linguistic Voice Quality project archive (audio and EGG recordings, spreadsheet of measurements)
  • BU Radio News corpus and Buckeye corpus are available on the internal T: drive

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Physiology Resources

The Phonetics Lab has copies of several kinds of physiology recordings/data.

(1) In the Audio Lab (room B) filing drawers is the database compiled by Sarah Dart and described in Working Papers #66 (1987): xerox copies of all the Xray traces she could find in the literature, except for those from books already owned by Peter Ladefoged. These are filed by the (first) author of the original study. There was a searchable computer inventory, but for practical purposes it is lost in the mists of MacTime - it is in a legacy program that we no longer have. 

(2) In the General Lab cabinet are Xray films and/or videotape/DVD copies made in several laboratories, most of them obtained by Michel Jackson and Susan Hess. The more recent (.5 inch VHS) videos can be viewed on the lab's VCR/monitor, which is right there in the General Lab.  The lab has a film projector, and even a set-up for tracing from projections of film frames, which Henry can re-assemble if needed.  view list

Many of these have now been digitized and can be accessed from a dedicated hard drive in the cabinet; some are online here.

(3) Also in the General Lab cabinet are a few videos of data recorded in the Phonetics Lab over the years.  E.g., Jean-Marie Hombert's fiberoptic recordings of the glottis for French vs. English stops (one speaker each language); Cheng Cheng Saw Tan's video clips of 3-D palatometry (a tape she made as part of an ASA poster).  view list 

In those cases where people have sent us tapes that are intended for classroom use, tapes that I (PK) have judged to be useful for that purpose, a copy has been deposited in the Instructional Media Library on campus.  In that way anyone on campus has access to it for classroom use, and it is listed in the on-line catalog.  For example, Colin Painter's videotape on articulations in the pharynx and larynx is available that way, and it has now been transfered to DVD.  (Go to IML's catalog) 

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The lab's copy of the CELEX database, used for calculating lexical statistics, is on the T: server, along with some scripts for doing searches.  

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