Title Language
Time Medium Comments Lab Tape done by
"Films Cineradiologiques"
VHS Cassette
Universite Laval

"The voice source as analyzed by inverse filtering"
VHS Cassette

"X-Ray Films" of Akan Akan 1/27/89
VHS Cassette, 5-16mm films (1972) 5 speakers, word list included UCLA Mona Lindau
/bad gab/ repeated short clip (A)

VHS Cassette for Dani Byrd by C. Saw Tan

103 Video Informants

Reel to Reel Video Tape (RTRVT) JW

Arabic Pharyngeals, etc: Tunisian Arabic Arabic

VHS Cassette, 16mm film Separate audio cassete; list of utterances included U. of Iowa Salem Ghazeli
Articulatory Phonetics (Ian Smith)

VHS Cassette

Articulatory timing Customized 3-D Electrography (B)

VHS Cassette

Bell Labs High Speed Films

VHS Cassette
Bell Labs

Chinese Chinese 1962
VHS Cassette From 16 mm Haskins Labs

Computer Speech General Purpose Demo, Coker
16mm Film

Damascan Arabic, Initial position, working copy Arabic 1962
2-16mm Films
Haskins Labs

Delta Graph 3.5 Instructional Video

VHS Cassette

Fiberoptics of larynx during pitch and phonetic changes

VHS Cassette

Film by Ladefoged, Lindau, and Coady for pres. at 9th Int'l Congress of Phon. Sci.
16mm Film

Film of Creaky Voice

16mm Film Filmed at National Technical Institute for the Deaf

French and English Stops Fiberoptic Study of the Larynx

VHS Cassette

J.-M. Hombert & PL
Gestures in the Larynx and Pharynx French and English
11:30 VHS Cassette copy in IML
Colin Painter
Glottography: The Clinical Measurement of Vocal Fold Vibration
Aug. 1986
VHS Cassette
The Donn Sigerson Foundation

High Speed Record of Movement of Vocal Chords (Uldall)
16mm Film "Uncut: Not for showing"

Hindi Hindi

RTRVT, Videocassette (U-matic)

Hungarian (35B) Hungarian

VHS Cassette
Haskins Labs

Idoma Labial-Velar X-ray (S.O.O Amali) Ibadan Idoma 5/9/62
VHS Cassette From 35 mm

Idoma Positive Idoma 1962
35mm Film

Reel to Reel Video Tape

Korean X-Ray Film: C.W. Kim

16mm Film "This film has some sproket damage"

Latif Ali Iraqui Arabic Emphatus: Speaker 2 Arabic

VHS Cassette, 2-16mm copies Separate Audio Cassette

Linguistics/Phonetics Tapes

53:30:00 VHS Cassette

Martin Perlman Productions: TV Film on synthetic speech

16mm Film

Measuring Speech Production; Part I:Respiration, phonation, and aerodynamics

VHS Cassette

Measuring Speech Production; Part II: Indirect Articulatory Movements

VHS Cassette

Measuring Speech Production; Part III: Direct Articulatory Movements

VHS Cassette

Normal Speech Articulation; The Iowa Film

25 mins 2- 16mm Films "Do not use; No beginning" on reel 2 of 2

Physiology of Creaky Voice and Vocal Fry

VHS Cassette

Plain and Emphatic Contrasts in Damascan Arabic Arabic 1962
16mm Film 2 male speakers Haskins Labs

Plain and Emphatic Contrasts in Damascan Arabic (35A) Arabic 1962
VHS Cassette from 16 mm Haskins Labs

Scientific Visualization at UCLA: A Powerful Analytical Tool for Insight and Understanding
11:10 VHS Cassette Keating, Saw Tan, and others
Seeing Speech with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

VHS Cassette Alwan, Narayanan
EE Dept./Bell Labs
Speech Film by Medifilm

16mm Film

Spire Demo Film
16mm Film

Study of flaps and taps, Customized 3-D Electrography

1 hour VHS Cassette Saw Tan

The Alphabet Conspiracy

VHS Cassette pk to view

The Articulatory Movements of Standard Chinese Chinese

VHS Cassette (PAL 1/2" BW)

The Human Language Series: Part Three, The Language Evolves "With and Without words"

56:46:00 VHS Cassette donate to iml

The Voice source as analyzed by inverse filtering

19:22 VHS Cassette

Tunisian Arabic pharyngeals and emphatus Arabic

VHS, 16mm Film Duplicate copy; 1 speaker University of Iowa Salem Ghazeli
VA 427-7 The Articulatory Movements: Parts I and II

16mm Film

Vowels, pitch changes, and phonation type: Phil Rose

VHS Cassette

X-Ray and Nasendocopy of Vowels

VHS Cassette

X-ray film- pilot- short version- English English

16mm Film
Haskins Laboratories

X-Ray Motion Picture Sound Film: Chinese Chinese

16mm Film
Haskins Laboratories

X-Ray Motion Picture Sound Film: Damascan Arabic
16mm Film
Haskins Labs

X-ray Motion Picture Sound Film: Russian Russian

VHS Cassette, 16mm Film From 16 mm Haskins Labs