Computers as of September 2007

We have several good general-purpose computers and other more specialized ones in the lab.  PCs have WinXP or Vista, Macs have OS X. All general-purpose computers are networked via Humnet and have MS Office, Henry’s speech programs, Praat, Wavesurfer, Audacity, Acrobat 8 Professional, Canvas, StatView, misc. applications such as Snagit, audio players, zip, browsers, and ftp.   The lab's server is accessible from any networked computer in the lab as the S: drive.

Special-purpose hardware/software in the lab:

multi-channel PCQuirerX and associated X16 hardware (for EGG, aerodyanmic recordings): Upton
Upgraded sound cards for better A/D, connected to input players: Simon (Audio Lab), Quimby
SPSS/Sample Power: Velma, Quimby, Wolfgang
Matlab: Ruby, Quimby, lab-laptops
two monitors: Velma
scanners: Velma, Simon (Audio Lab)
Carstens programs for EMA analysis: Upton
video capture and editing: currently unsettled
Dreamweaver: Wolfgang
Photoshop: Upton
AudioBox (for external A/D): Tosca, in the soundbooth
ButtonBoxes: get from Henry, USB can be used with any computer with Matlab, e.g. laptops

How we name our computers

PC names began with "A" (as in Albert) and have moved forwards from there.  Mac names began with "Z" (as in Zelda) and have moved backwards from there.
Names alternate between male and female.  Ideally the names are short and with clear letter-to-sound and sound-to-letter correspondences.  Trochees are encouraged. 

Procedurally, when a new computer is anticipated a call for (limited) "GEN" appears on the seminar room whiteboard, along with the letter and gender that the name must match - meaning that everyone puts up names for consideration, even if they are awful.  After rounds of voting a winner emerges.

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