UCLA phonetics lab
Birthday Greetings
to Peter


Electropalatography [Pat    Bruce    Barbara]

Electroglottography [Henry]
Syllabic Scramble  [Christina: PPT, html]
 (better in PPT)
ToBIbirthday  [Sun-Ah    Tim   Sahyang] (these only work in PPT)
Organized by Pat Keating                                                                                                                              
EPG/EGG files prepared by Chad Vicenik                                                                                                 SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE!                                                                                                     
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And here are the slides from some of the presentations made at the ASA special session on Oct. 20, 2005:

Pat Keating (chair's introduction)  (pdf)  (ppt)
Jenny Ladefoged (pdf) (ppt)
Ian Maddieson  (pdf)  (ppt)
Louis Goldstein  (pdf)  (ppt)
Sarah Hawkins  (pdf)  (ppt)
Keith Johnson  (pdf)

Visit Rob Hagiwara's entertaining page of photos from the session and the party

And here are some other pictures taken at the party (thanks to Sun-Ah for these):

Peter and Pat with the cake
Peter blowing out the candles
Richard and Stefan reading limericks
Abby presenting limericks

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